Diplomatarium Fennicum
DF 6762
Antonius, penitentiarians regens, biskop av Luni

Magnus Petri, a choral priest of Turku, was once on his way to visit a parish in Turku, when a layman, Peter Bengtsson, molested him and accused him of having taken one of his spurs. Peter drew his sword and attacked Magnus, who tried to talk calmly and then run away, but Peter continued his attacks. Magnus realized that he could not get away, and, fearing for his life, he grabbed his little sword, which he had held lifted to protect his head, and turned against the layman to defend himself and make Peter back off. In the fight Magnus’s left hand was injured, but he also wounded Peter, so that he died. When it became known that Peter had attacked Magnus, causing his own death, he was buried outside the cemetery in unconsecrated soil. The regent Antonius, bishop of Luni, refers the case to the auditor Anthonius de Grassis for inspection and commissions the diocesan bishop to declare Magnus innocent of homicide and not irregular or disqualified, on condition that the facts above are true.
Auctoritate Papae
Vatikaani, Archivum Secretum Vaticanum, Archivio della Penitenzieria Apostolica
Svenskt Diplomatariums huvudkartotek över medeltidsbreven (SDHK)