Diplomatarium Fennicum

DF 6804

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Franciscus, penitentiarians regens, biskop av Anagni

Andreas “Lanxii”, a cleric from the diocese of Turku, once had supper with some other clerics at a house in Turku when two laymen broke down the door and attacked them. The clerics found themselves confined and unable to climb the high walls of the house to get away. Fearing both that further invaders might prepare for another attack and that the first two invaders might be able to escape, the clerics leapt outside the door. In the street outside the clerics found the two laymen so heavily armed that they could not be avoided without danger. Since the clerics had nothing to defend themselves with, Andreas took a stone from the ground and threw it at one of the invaders, Olof Karlsson, who was wounded in the head and died a few hours later. The regent Franciscus, bishop of Anagni, commissions the diocesan bishop to declare Andreas innocent of homicide and not irregular or disqualified, on condition that the facts above are true.