Diplomatarium Fennicum
DF 6791
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Franciscus Karoli, a Franciscan priest and friar from Uppsala, formerly lived in the convent of Viborg (Viipuri) in the diocese of Turku, where once a fellow brother was attacked by a layman with a sword, so that he fell to the ground. As the layman persisted in his attacks, Franciscus seized a crossbow, without intending to hurt the layman but to prevent him from killing his fellow brother. Raising the weapon, he told the layman to cease attacking the brother or he would suffer. The layman then aimed his sword at Franciscus and tried to strike him. The supplicant, fearing for his life, held the crossbow in front of him to defend himself and accidentally shot an arrow, which hit the layman on the jaw. The layman died from the wound. Julianus, cardinal priest of San Pietro in Vincoli, refers the case to the auditor Anthonius de Grassis for inspection and commissions the diocesan bishop to declare Franciscus innocent of homicide and not irregular or disqualified, on condition that the facts above are true.
Auctoritate Papae
Vatikaani, Archivum Secretum Vaticanum, Archivio della Penitenzieria Apostolica
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