Diplomatarium Fennicum
DF 6839
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Ericus Balk, a priest from the diocese of Turku, was once the chaplain of the knight Erik Turesson, the captain of the castle Viborg (Viipuri) near the hostile Russians. The castle kept a cannon or gun to defend itself, and one day Ericus wanted to see if it worked. After having checked that no-one was in the way, he fired the cannon. Afterwards, he found that a six-year old boy, his relative, had been hit and killed. The regent Julianus, bishop of Bertinoro, refers the case to (the auditor) Dominicus de Jacobatiis for inspection, and commissions the diocesan bishop to declare Ericus innocent and not irregular or disqualified, on condition that it can be established that the facts above are true.
Auctoritate Papae
Vatikaani, Archivum Secretum Vaticanum, Archivio della Penitenzieria Apostolica
Svenskt Diplomatariums huvudkartotek över medeltidsbreven (SDHK)