Diplomatarium Fennicum
DF 6845
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Thomas Martini, a priest from the diocese of Turku, once had supper with a layman, Johan, in the presbytery of Lohja (Lojo). Johan had drunk too much beer, and so Thomas told Johan’s son to take him to bed in a heated room, to avoid the fierce cold. But Johan’s son took him to a room which was not heated, and the next day Johan was found half dead with his limbs frozen. He was taken to another, warm house, but some time later he died. The regent Johannes, bishop of Isernia, refers the case to the bishop of Milopotamus, a minor penitentiary, residing in the Roman curia, and commissions him to declare Thomas, who is present in Rome, innocent of homicide, not irregular or disqualified but permitted to minister, if the facts above are found to be true.
Auctoritate Papae
Vatikaani, Archivum Secretum Vaticanum, Archivio della Penitenzieria Apostolica
Svenskt Diplomatariums huvudkartotek över medeltidsbreven (SDHK)